Sylvanian Families Forest Kitchen coffee set

Sylvanian Families Forest Kitchen Restaurant Coffee Set - SUPER RARE!

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Forest Kitchen Restaurant Coffee Set - SUPER RARE!

From 2001 this is the Sylvanian Families Forest Kitchen Coffee Set. Very collectible and very hard to find. 

You'll see by the images that this set contains the most gorgeous Coffee bean grinder, an Italian style espresso coffee maker and a large bag of beans to keep the Sylvanians going in coffee for quite some time! There's also a blue and white cup set (with coffee and cream in them) or a red and white cup set and a yellow set for the Sylvanians who like their coffee straight black!  This set caters to every Sylvanian discerning coffee drinker!

(No figures included. Figures shown in images are for illustrative purposes only)

Sylvanian Families was first created in Japan in the 1980's and it's popularity soon spread to many other countries. The latest Sylvanian Families we see today in Australia are still initially designed in Japan . Over the years there have been many Sylvanian sets that have been released exclusively in Japan and not sold in other countries. This is one such set.

Condition: Brand new

Box: Excellent

Japan release 2001

Rare vintage item - very hard to find.

Suitable for age 3+ due to small parts

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