Calico Critters Furbanks Squirrel Twins

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Calico Critters Furbanks Squirrel Twins

The twin squirrel babies belonging to the Sylvanian stage stars, Emma and Kenneth Furbanks. Note that the Furbanks Squirrel family are different family from the current Walnut Squirrel family. Notably their facial markings differentiate them.

Baby Ray and sister Fay Furbanks have fun playing with all the acting make-up and face paints. If someone isn't watching them, they will cover themselves from head to toe with bright colors.

The Furbanks Squirrel Family is very dramatic and loves to perform on stage. Mother Emma is a terrific actress, but insists Father Kenneth is the star of the family.

Contents. Baby boy and Baby Girl Furbanks Squirrel. We hope to stock the full Calico Critters Furbank Family soon.

Discontinued family, which are becoming hard to find.

This is a Calico Critters USA product and comes in Calico Critters packaging

Sylvanian Families are distributed under the brand name of Calico Critters in the USA and Canada.

Suitable for age 3+