Sylvanian Families Garden Swing - SF 4534

Sylvanian Families Garden Swing with Potplants

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Garden Swing - SF 4534

This gorgeous white garden swing set is perfect to add to Beechwood Hall's garden, or any Sylvanian home, for that matter. This set will comfortably fit on many a front lawn or backyard. Complete with spring flowers in four dainty white pots, to add a touch of nature.


1 x Swing set

4 x flower sets in pots

Figures are not included, but are only for illustrative purposes.

Fits an adult Sylvanian figure or smaller.

Flair or Epoch packaging (please feel free to request which packaging if you have a preference) This brand new set is no longer produced by Sylvanian Families and now quite hard to find.

Suitable for age 3+