Sylvanian Families Gardening Tools Set - Vintage - RARE

Sylvanian Families - Rare Vintage

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Sylvanian Families Gardening Tools Set - Vintage - RARE Japanese exclusive set. - New

A vintage Sylvanian Tool set. This is an amazing little set. You'll often see these tools show up in some of the early 1980's story books, pictures and stop motion movies. They are great little scene-setters!

Set includes 4 tools: A pitchfork, rake, scythe and hoe.

The Sylvanian Families Tools and Instruments Series were released in 1986 and are now rare to find and highly collectible. I love the little vintage scene picture on the back of the box and have added this picture to the description. Other figures etc are not included. 

Made of plastic.

Excellent pre-owned condition. Original box in excellent condition. 

No figures included

This set comes in Japanese Sylvanian Families packaging. 

Other figures and accessories seen in images are not included, but are only images that appear on the box.  

Highly collectible.

Recommended as a Sylvanian Families Adult Collector item. Not recommended for children due to metal blades.

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