Sylvanian Families Golden Labrador Baby - Flair - Hard to Find

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Sylvanian Families Golden Labrador Baby - Flair - SF 4162

This is Bettina Barker from the Golden Labrador Family, released by Flair some years ago. 

How are the Sylvanian Families Golden Labrador's different to today's Yellow Labrador family?

Notably the Golden Labrador's face shape is quite different, being longer and narrower than the Yellow Labrador's. The Golden Labrador's ears also come down longer, nearly to level with their chin. The Golden Labrador's are also a slightly darker, more golden-toned colour. 

This brand new Sylvanian Families baby Golden Labrador is now quite hard to find, especially brand new and is a collectible item.

Age 3+

Condition: Brand new

Contents: 1 x baby figure, crib and bottle

Box: In Flair packaging. Box is in very good condition with minor tape marks and slight wear to the edge of tabs.

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