Sylvanian Families Grandfather at Home Golfing Set With Tailbury Dog

Sylvanian Families Grandfather at Home Golf Set

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Sylvanian Families Grandfather at Home Golfing Set With Tailbury Dog grandfather- This is now a Hard to find and sought after set. 

Sylvanian Grandfather Roland Tailbury enjoys a great many hobbies now that he is retired. He is an expert gardener and can create marvellous topiary shapes. A keen golfer, he also likes to practise his chipping & putting in the garden, taking care not to damage his beautiful lawn. He does enjoy relaxing with his newspaper and cup of tea in the garden too!

Includes dog grandfather Roland Tailbury, golf accessories, garden chair & topiary.

An interesting point worth noting is that Grandpa's vest appears to have a diamond design on the front of it, whereas this diamond design does not appear on his top, but his top is a plain pink with blue trim. The diamond pattern is often seen in stock images of the set, however sets that I have seen don't have this pattern on his actual clothing.

This is a Pre-owned set in excellent pre-owned condition. The set is complete (there are 3 golf balls in this set - only 2 are seen in the photos of the set, but the third has been located and will be included in the sale also)

A highlight of this set (aside from the adorable golf clubs, cart and golfing accessories) is the topiary tree. So very Sylvanian!

Close up images of the set have been added. Also a layout of accessories for easy reference.

Condition: Pre-owned. Everything is in very good condition. Complete. A tiny rub underneath Grandpa's feet, but nothing else of note.

Box: There is no original box with this set. Loose items will be well wrapped.

UK Flair release.

Age 3+

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