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Sylvanian Families Grandfather Golfing with Tailbury Dog Grandfather - Preowned 

Here's Grandpa Tailbury and his favourite occupation - golfing on the green. This lovely set was released around 2009 as part of the Family at Home Series, where each family member of the Tailbury Dog Family was released as a specific set. Grandfather came as this golfing set. The Tailbury Dog family were never released as a complete family, but each member could only be purchased in individual sets. 

What's included in this pre-owned set:

Grandpa Tailbury Figure

Garden chair


Rabbit Topiary tree in pot

Golf clubs x 2

Golf Caddy

2 golf balls

Small oval golf green with red flag

The set is not 100% complete and there are some small accessory items missing. 

Note that some figures moveable joints may be a little stiff in moving them, due to age. Also pre-owned clothing may have a few threads lose or slight fray. 

Items seen in the background are not included, but are only for photo styling purposes.

The trees in the background of pictures are handcrafted her at Sylvanian Specialty Store and are available in our Garden and Outdoor Accessories Collection

Condition:  Excellent pre-owned condition. No box.

Age 3+

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