Sylvanian Families Gray Rabbit Family of 3 - EU

Sylvanian Families European

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Sylvanian Families Gray Rabbit Family of 3 - EU - Ref 1410 

This is the unnamed European Easy Buy Gray Rabbit Family (slightly different to the Babblebrook Gray Rabbit family) released in European packaging.

This item is part of the Sylvanian Families European Collection and comes in Epoch European plastic packaging as seen in photographs.

Suitable for age 3+

Please note: Although this is a brand new and still factory sealed packaged item, there may be very slight signs of storage wear on the outer plastic packaging due to long term storage. 

Also part of this family is the Gray Rabbit baby in Moses Basket, available too

Interesting Fact: Most European released Sylvanian Families Family sets are not given First names or surnames, and have no Rabbit Family name.