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Sylvanian Families Gray Striped Cat Family

Sylvanian Families - Retired

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Sylvanian Families Harvey Gray Striped Cat SF 5180

Gray Cat Family 

The now retired/discontinued Harvey Grey Striped Cat Family  

Father Perkin Harvey runs the Village Store that was started by his now retired mother and father many moons ago. Perkin thoroughly enjoys his work, meeting and greeting his friendly customers and keeping the store clean and tidy with all the shelves well stocked and the fruit and vegetables beautifully presented in racks and baskets. Mother Dorothy Harvey likes everything in their store neat and tidy her husband, Perkin. She is also a bit of a tease and has been known to surreptitiously turn some of the food cans on the shelves upside down just to see her darling husband get into a bit of a fluster!. Brother Austin Harvey likes to help his mother and father in the store and would love to run the store himself one day. He is encouraged by his Grandfather Bert, whom would like the family business to stay in the family. Sister Zara Harvey is not very keen on working in the family business, she finds the whole process of shopkeeping rather tiresome and annoying. So she is working hard at her school work with the idea of going to University to get a degree in Social Economics. Includes 4 poseable Sylvanian Families figures.

Retired Discontinued Family

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Ages: 3+


Retired/Discontinued item

Suitable for age 3+

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