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Sylvanian Families School Field Trip - New - Rare

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 Sylvanian Families School Field Trip - New - Rare - SF 4196 - Exlusive to the UK

This set includes 6 figures (The Teacher and her 5 students in uniform ready for a field trip) It's a super cute set, and has some lovely vintage figures in it such as the dark brown Hazelwood Mice, who are very hard to find, and the Bearbury bear too. 

This set was only available in 2005 for a limited time.

Here's some official information on them:

Created by Flair as an exclusive product for UK retailer Argos back in 2005 for the launch of St John’s School, the School Field Trip Set was an assortment of rather random characters, all on a fun day out in the Sylvanian countryside.

Grey striped cat mother Isobel Fisher was the parent-in-charge, and was joined by her two youngest, Eddie & Michelle Fisher, bear sister Angeles Bearbury, and brown mouse brother and sister, Twitch & Evie Hazelwood

Vintage School Field Trip set includes:

Teacher Mrs. Fisher Cat

Student Baby Fisher Cat boy & girl

Student sister Bearbury Bear

Student Brother Hazelwood Mouse

Student sister Hazlewood Mouse

Flair UK - 2005 release - Limited edition

To be noted: There is a very faint light spot (likely age spot) on the head of one brown mouse (barely noticeable, but mentioned for accuracy) 

Condition: Brand new - items still fastened in bands and stapled into box as originally - The original box is in excellent condition.

This would be a beautiful addition to any collection.

SF 4196

Age 3+

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