Sylvanian Families Hamster Family of 4 - New in!

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Hamster Family - SF 5121 - Brand New!

Huckleberry Hamilton is the teacher and bus driver of the Forest Nursery. He enjoys driving the children to and from nursery school. On his time off he enjoys taking a drive with his family and going on picnics. 

Hilda Hamilton is also a teacher of the Forest Nursery. She is very good at drama and is often creating fun plays and dances for the children. She is very creative and encourages the children to do art.

George Hamilton is good at any sport that uses a ball. He is also a bit mischievous and likes to play hide and seek.

Jane Hamilton, like her mother is creative and loves to write stories. All the girls in the Sylvanian Village love her story about Prince Charming.

The Hamster Family is no longer being produced and is now quite hard to find.

Epoch packaging

Condition: Brand new. Box in excellent condition.

Suitable for age 3+