Sylvanian Families Hamster twins sleeping and crawling - Rare

Sylvanian Families Japanese edition

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Sylvanian Families Hamster twins sleeping and crawling position - I-06

Here we have the Japanese exclusively released Sylvanian Families Hamster Twins from Japan.

Previously in Australia we have seen the Sylvanian Families Hamster twins crawling and sitting and also the standing baby, but this family is now retired from production and is becoming hard to find. The twins in this sleeping and crawling position were never released in Australia and are a Japanese Syvlanian Families exlusive from some years back.

This is a Japanese Sylvanian Famiilies range item and come in Japanese packaging. Sylvanian Families was first created in Japan in 1985 and soon became loved worldwide over 30 years ago. Today the Sylvanian Families items we see in our stores are still designed in Japan long before they appear on our Australian store shelves. Over the years many Sylvanian sets have been released exclusively in Japan and we stock many of these Sylvanian sets. 

Condition: New

Box: Excellent. Epoch Japanese Sylvanian Families packaging.

Hard to Find item. Only 1 available in store

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