Sylvanian Families Highfield barn farmyard accessories

Sylvanian Families Highfields Barn Accessories Bundle - Preowned

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Highfields Barn Accessories Bundle - Preowned 

A great little bundle of Sylvanian Families farmyard accessories. These originally came with the Sylvanian Families Highfield Barn, which was exclusively released in the UK around 2011, to accompany the UK Sylvanian Highfields House. 

This bundle of accessories could be added to any Sylvanian rural scene or would be especially suitable if you have Sylvanian Families ponies (the vintage ones that ate hay, not the hairdressers!)

- 2 sacks (1 grain, 1 seeds)

- 2 hay bales

- 1 broom

 - 1 rake (notice the rake handle is bent a little)

 - 2 large milk churns

- 1 bucket

- 3 hooks. (In case you're wondering what the hooks are for, the Highfields barn had a pulley. You would hook the bales onto the pulley and pull them up to the top floor of the barn)



Items seen in the background are not included, but are only for photo styling purposes.

The trees in the background of pictures are handcrafted her at Sylvanian Specialty Store and are available in our Garden and Outdoor Accessories Collection

Condition: Pre-owned condition. No box.

Age 3+

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