Sylvanian Families Home Economics Set - RARE - JP Exclusive

Sylvanian Families Home Economics Set - RARE - JP Exclusive

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families Home Economics Set - S-32 (No figures included)

Belonging to the Japanese exclusive released Sylvanian School series sets in the early 2000's this Home Economics School Room set is one of the hardest of the sets to find today. 

This set comes Brand new in the box and is the perfect addition to a collector's school - you only need to decide who is going to be the Home Economics teacher. 

Stock images are included in the description which show various figures in this set, however please note that no figures come with this set. The full contents are shown in the image of the side of the box. 

Content include:

2 school tables, that can be joined together

1 oven that is exclusive to this set

Kitchen scales, chopping board, pots, black saucepan, bread baking dish, bowl various utensils

A uniform with cap for the teacher

2 Home Economics charts

Various food items

Transparent measuring jug and measuring spoons in different sizes

see image of contents for complete description

This is a very rare set, especially to find this brand new. 

Condition: Brand new

Box: In excellent condition. Very slight wear along tabs, but hardly noticeable. 

In the 1980's Japan created Sylvanian Families, which later became popular throughout many other countries, including Australia in the late 80's. Sylvanian Families are still designed in Japan today and over the years many sets have been distributed exlusively in Japan and never sold in other countries. This is one such set, and is rare to find even in Japan. 

A great Sylvanian Set to be added to someone's collection.

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