Sylvanian Families Honey Fox Family

Sylvanian Families Honey Fox Family

Sylvanian Families - Retired

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Sylvanian Families Honey Fox Family, or sometimes also known as the Slydale fox family (different from the early Tomy release)

Please note, there outer box packaging is heavily dented. See photographs which make up part of the description.

SF 3127

Meet the Honey Fox Family, pack includes: Mother, Father, Brother & Sister.

A little about the family...:
• Slick Slydale is a mine of information and very clever. He'll know the answer to any question you ask him.

• Velvette Slydale is always on the lookout for a bargain. She has known to travel for miles and miles and queue for hours and hours just for the spring sales.

• Buster Slydale is a real handful. Everyone says his middle name is trouble. He's not a bad boy, he's just a bit wayward and naughty.

• Scarlett Slydale spends hours brushing her tail and is very proud of its glossy, healthy condition.


Suitable for age 3+

The Honey Fox/Slydale Fox Baby Boy and Honey Fox Baby Girl from this family are also available.

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