Sylvanian Families Jigsaw puzzles Red Leaves European

Sylvanian Families Jigsaw Puzzle with Rabbit Figure - 5 scenes

European Edition

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Brand new! Sylvanian Families Jigsaw Puzzles with 1 Rabbit Figure included.

Yes, Jigsaw Puzzles are alive and well in Sylvania! These items make a great extra gift for a young Sylvanian fan, or are a collectible item in themselves.

A selection of 5 different puzzles. Select your puzzle from the dropdown box, numbered 1 - 5   ($19.95 per puzzle)

1 - Red Leaves (with Carla the Grey rabbit figures included)

2 - Summer Holiday (with Sonia the Rabbit figure included)

3 - Sunflowers (with Sonia the Rabbit figure included)

4 - Green Days (with Carla the Grey Rabbit figure included)

5 - Sunset Sky (with Carla the Grey rabbit figure included)

All Jigsaw Puzzle contain 108 pieces.

Each puzzle comes with its very own bonus Gray Rabbit Carla, in a Yellow Dress (European Gray Rabbit Family) or Sonia, the rabbit figure in a blue dress.

These jigsaw puzzles are brand new items and factory sealed. The rabbit figure is included inside the jigsaw puzzle packaging.

Puzzle measures 257mm x 182mm when completed.

 Epoch SF 5050 - European edition.

Contents incude 108 piece Jigsaw Puzzle and the 1 Rabbit figure specified on the box.  

Recommended difficulty level of  Puzzle  - 8 years old +