Sylvanian Families Cream Cat Family

Sylvanian Families - Retired

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Sylvanian Families Cream Cat Family also know as the Keats cat family - SF 4140

Keats Cream Cat Family

Father Rossetti Longfellow Keats, his delicate puff pastry creations are special treats. The Pastry Chef extraordinaire, he fills the kitchen with panache and flair. They say he’s a poet with flour and yeast, because those chocolate dainties are a feast.

Mother Bronte Keats runs the Patisserie like clockwork, hard graft she’s never known to shirk! Efficient she is in every way, she even has time to chat and play. To all her customers she is a friend, to all their whims she does attend.

Brother T S Eliot Keats, a name no one beats. The longest name of all, a real mouthful to call. So Bronte has shortened it a lot, from Tennyson Swift to TS Eliot.

Sister Shelley Keats, the apple of her father’s eye, works with him and makes him sigh. Her artistic flair with just plain dough, can turn a cake into a rich Gateau, and a plum- duffing into a princely plum pudding.

These Epoch Cream Cat figures have gripping hands.

Discontinued - Hard to Find

Suitable for age 3+