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Sylvanian Families Keyrings - Select your favourite!

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Sylvanian Families keychains

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Sylvanian Families Japanese exclusive keyrings. 6 different figures available. Choose your favourite by selecting which figure you like from the drop down box above.

1 - Milk Rabbit baby girl in gingham

2 -Sheep baby girl in pink

3 - Tuxedo cat boy baby in green

4 - Tuxedo cat girl baby in tartain

5 - Squirrel boy baby in blue

6 - Red Deer girl baby in blue


(Limited stock of each keyring figure - until sold out)


These are genuine Sylvanian Families products from Japan. Choose your favourite Sylvanian Families figures from the drop down box, which come individually packaged and the figure has an affixed keyring attachment.  See image of fixture below. The white plastic ring is firmly affixed to the figure.

Sylvanian Families keyring attachments

The cutest selection of Sylvanian babies you will find, and these Sylvanian Families babies were specially designed to travel with you wherever you go!  Attached to your handbag, school backpack or on any set of keys.

Sylvanian Families was first created in Japan in the 1980's and later their popularity spread to the rest of the world. Today Syvlanian Families are still designed in Japan and there are many Sylvanian sets over the years that have been exclusively produced and sold in Japan, and never released for sale in other countries. These adorable keyrings are such items and we're thrilled to offer a range of them at Sylvanian Specialty Store. 

Brand new items

All items come brand new sealed in their original Sylvanian Families packet.

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