Sylvanian Families Kitchen Restaurant Food Set #2 (2000) - Vintage - RARE

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families Forest Kitchen Food Accessory No.2 -  Vintage - RARE Japanese exclusive set - New

A rare little food accessory set. This was designed especially for the Japanese Forest Kitchen restaurant, but could be added to any Sylvanian scene.

Food Set No2 consists of one plate of food with a bowl, a mug of drink and what looks like a dessert on a plate. 

The Sylvanian Families Food Accessories were designed to go with the The Sylvanian Kitchen Restaurant.  In Japan they have a Sylvanian themed restaurant chain - The Sylvanian Kitchen! 

These Food Sets are from around 2000 and are quite hard to find these days.

Brand new in sealed packagaing. Excellent condition. Outer packaging does show some slight signs of age and is a little dog-eared on the edges of the package.

A picture for reference below of the original Japanese Sylvanian Forest Kitchen restaurant from around 2000


Recommended for Age 3+

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