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Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Kitchen Restaurant - Vintage Preowned - RARE  circa 2000. Not 100% complete. No figures are included.


The Sylvanian Kitchen Restaurant is a Japanese exclusive set. In Japan they have a Sylvanian themed restaurant chain - The Sylvanian Kitchen! This Sylvanian-sized version of the restaurant is only sold within the restaurants at various times throughout the year.

I purchased this set several years ago, preowned, from Japan, and it is seldom seen available in Australia.

This set is pre-owned, comes with it's original box and although many of the accessories are included, a few items are missing. These will be listed below. See images which include the picture of contents that is shown on the side of the box. Not all items in these images are with this set, but the image is included for your to compare.

Note that there is a little wear on the edges of the box due to storage and age. Also the cans of food and bottles paper labels are starting to come loose to to age. These can easily be re-affixed by using a little glue. 

Accessories that are missing from the set

1 x spoon

2 x knives

1 x rack

1 x paper menu

1 x silver bowl

1 x tin of tomato

4 x wine glasses ( I have added in 2 other Sylvanian wine glasses as a replacement)

1 x soup

1 x red food on plate

All other accessories (and there are many of them) are present. 


Condition: Excellent preowned condition. Comes with it's original box. The box is in pretty good condition, but is a little dog-eared around the flaps and also the images are slightly faded on one side of the box. 

Note that preowned items have been played with, and may bear some very slight signs of being played with.

No figures included

Other figures and accessories seen in images are not included, but are only images that appear on the box.  

Highly collectible.

Recommended for Age 3+

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