Sylvanian  Families Lounge Settee Armchairs

Sylvanian Families Latest Lounge Set - JP

Sylvanian Families Japanese range

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Sylvanian Families Lounge Settee and Armchairs with accessories

New in Sylvania! Upgrade your living room with this gorgeous lounge set, which comes with a Double seater, and two single armchairs, a coffee table and accessories.

Could this be more stylish? Well, yes, actually, it can be!

You will have included in this set  choice of which colour décor you prefer for your living room!, There is the option for your settee upholstery to be pink or else green. Or maybe pink décor one week and green décor the next.

This product is from the Japanese Sylvanian Families range and comes in Epoch Japanese packaging.

Suitable for age 3+

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