Sylvanian Families Luxury Living Room Set

Sylvanian Families Luxury Living Room Set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Luxury Living Room Furniture Set with over 35 pieces including a glowing Fireplace. - SF 4704

This lovely set is now very hard to find brand new. Living Room Luxury indeed - this furniture set is aptly named. Bring a luxurious glow to your Sylvanian lounge room with this Glowing Fireplace. Relax in comfort in comfort on these rich red upholstered chairs and settee and watch time go by on your grandfather clock or enjoy a chat on the telephone which is placed nearby on the telephone table. Enjoy a book or two and throw a log on the fire as needed. Also two lovely vases of flowers grace this room, as well as a picture on the wall, and two lights (these don't light up) can decorate the wall.

A beautiful set, which is now no longer available in stores in Australia.

Discontinued - Now quite hard to find brand new

Please note: Figures are not included. This furniture set contains 35 pieces of living room furniture and accessories.


Suitable for age 3+