Sylvanian Families McBurrows Mole Family Flair SF 4440

Sylvanian Families McBurrows Mole Family NEW

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families McBurrows Mole Family - SF 4440 - Brand new in box

Just arrived in is this lovely brand new family, the McBurrows Mole Family, released by Flair back in 2011.  These are a later re-release of the original early McBurrows mole family. It's rare to find this family brand new nowadays.

The McBurrows Mole Family biography:

FATHER DIGGER McBURROWS is an expert tunnel maker. He is so dedicated to his craft that sometimes he doesn't see the sun for days at a time. This is especially true during the frosty winter months when the ground is hard and the digging is even harder! But Digger feels so at home underground that he has created a special tunnel for his family to live in. Although perhaps we should say a series of special tunnels as his earthy woodland home consists of a parlour, a kitchen, a bathroom and no less than four bedrooms. It is Digger's pride and joy and he likes nothing better than showing it off to visitors when they drop by for tea and crumpets. This happens particulary often on chilly winter days as no matter what the weather is like outside, inside 'The Burrow' it is always delightfully warm and cosy!

MOTHER HEIDI McBURROWS is very house-proud. Visitors to her cosy underground dwelling always find her cleaning and tidying no matter the time of day. Indeed, no one in Sylvania is handier with a dustpan and brush than Heidi – so much so that her husband likes to joke that she has 'tunnel vision' where housework is concerned! Dirty footprints are Heidi's pet hate and woe betide anyone who steps inside her house without taking their shoes off first! She certainly has her work cut out when it comes to Digger, of course – after all, her husband does spend his entire day burrowing through the muddy Sylvanian soil! Soap, washing powder and bubble bath are always right at the top of Heidi's shopping list!

BROTHER MUDDY McBURROWS keeps his mother very busy too. He always seems to be covered in mud, even when no rain has fallen for weeks onend. Muddy sets off to school every day in a clean pair of blue and white dungarees – but by the time he gets back home, no one can tell what colour they are! How this happens Muddy is never quite sure, especially as he only plays rugby and football a couple of times a week! Of course, his mother always makes him jump in the bath the moment he steps through the door, but his father just strokes his head proudly and says, “You're my little mud magnet, you are!”

SISTER MOLLY McBURROWS is very clever with her hands. She uses her artistic talents to make beautiful presents for her family and friends. Molly puts a lot of thought into her gifts and usually gets them just right. Her mother was thrilled with her willow basket, for example – now she could keep all her cleaning equipment in one easy to find place. Her father loved that pair of slippers she sewed for him – now he could put his feet up when he got home after a busy day at work!

A wonderful addition to any collection.

UK Flair 2011

Brand New - hard to find - Rare 

Box is in excellent, as new condition

Age 3+