Sylvanian Families McWalkier Terrier family

Sylvanian Families McWalkie Highland Terrier Family of 4

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Sylvanian Families McWalkie Highland Terrier Family of 4 - A pre-owned set

This is such a beautiful little family, and seldom seen in Australia, as I believe they were only released exclusively in UK in 2007. 

It's lovely to find a set of McWalkie's that are pre-owned, yet still in such lovely condition. Being all pure-white they are very hard to keep clean and the slightest play with them over time seems to add a "greyish" look to their whiteness eventually. However, I must say these are in good condition in this respect, but definitely are not the original "pure white" they once were.  

Condition. This is a pre-owned family and does show some signs of playwear as consistant with being gently played with.

  • Mother's apron is missing
  • Brother terrier has a small very light stain on side of his head. I have added a close-up image of this, however it can barely be seen, but mentioned for accuracy. 
  • Mother figure has a very tiny little mark on her heel -see image of this.
  • Not as white as when brand new.
  • Slight fade on the black on their noses, which happens over time.

As with any older figures, it is possible that some figure’s limbs can be a little bit stiff when trying to move them due to age. 

Highly collectible - UK release 2007.

Other accessories seen in images are not included.

 Age 3+

Condition: Fairly good pre-owned figures. No original box. 


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