Sylvanian Families Meerkat Brother figure - Select one

Sylvanian Families Meerkat Brother figure - Select one

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Here is a selection of Sylvanian Families Brother Figures - individual figures

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Condition of there pre-owned figures varies, from excellent to good. 

Likewise the price of each figure depends on whether excellent, or any defects, or whether the figure is wearing their original clothing. These factors affect the sale price.

Choose the number you would like from the selection menu. Details of each figure are below, with a grading of Excellent, Very Good and Good condition.

A note regarding "fade" - when originally released the colouring of the meerkats head markings is quite a dark reddish brown colour. Over time and with use, these markings can fade to lighter. This is mentioned if it is the case with any figure. Figures  with fading are still in very good condition, but are just a slightly lighter colour than originally.

Here is an example below of a figure without fade, in comparison to a figure with fade

1.  Brother meerkat - good condition - original clothing

2.  Brother meerkat - excellent condition (except rubbing on his nose) - original clothing

3.  Brother meerkat - good condition - some fade to colour on head

4.  Brother meerkat - good condition - some fade to colour on head

5. Brother meerkat - good condition - tiny pin prick mark on back of head

6. Brother meerkat - excellent condition

7. Brother meerkat - Very good condition - very slight colour fade on head

8. Brother meerkat - Good condition - some fading of colour on head

Please note that all Meerkats sold in this collection are pre-owned.  As they have been pre-owned cannot be expected to be as perfect as a brand new set and there may be the slight signs of being played with.

Condition:  All are preowned. No box. 

Recommended for age 3+ 

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