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Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit baby - SF 5413 (version 2)

This Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Baby is none other than Henry Periwinkle. Little Henry has a wonderfully rich imagination, making him believe that shooting stars fall from the sky and land as yummy, stunning sweets!

Complete with a hat and a bag, the Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Baby is a super cute little character who's ready to join your child's growing Sylvanian Collection.


  • The Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Baby comes with a total of 3 items including:
    • 1 Henry Periwinkle Figure
    • 1 Hat
    • 1 Bag
  • Henry has fully moveable arms, legs and heads like most Sylvanian Families.
  • Give Henry his hat and his bag whenever he's ready to go stargazing!
  • Stands at 4cm tall.


Ages: 3+


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