Sylvanian Families Mini Cat Figure - 2 to 3 cm high

Sylvanian Families Miniatures

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Sylvanian Families are getting smaller and smaller!

Sylvanian Families Cat Minifigure - Please note that these items are not a regular size Sylvanian figure, but are a tiny mini version of the Sylvanian figure measuring approximately 2.5cm high. These are ideal to use as a "Sylvanian toy" for your Sylvanian figures

Sylvanian Families mini figures - $2 per each miniature figure.

These tiny Sylvanian Families miniature figures are approximately 2cm to 3cm high. 

These are known as Kabaya figures in Japan and are the perfect size to use as a toy figure for your regular sized Sylvanians!

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Here is an image of Miniature Sylvanian Figures alongside a regular size Sylvanian Families mother figure as a size comparison

Sylvanian FAmilies Full size figure beside miniature kabaya sylvanian figures


Some information about these teeny figurines:

They range from 2cm (baby figures) to 3cm (adult figure) high. Measurements are only approximate.

They are made of plastic PVC (they do not have fur flocking)

They are not posable (ie, arms, head etc does not move) Their base is flat, so can be stood up easily.

These are hand-painted, so can vary slightly from the images shown

Please note:

As these are hand-painted there may well be minor imperfections in painting, in some cases slight unevenness in painted lines etc and no two items are absolutely identical. 

Not suitable for small children, due to being so small. Age 3+

Other items in images are to illustrate size and are not included in this sale. Miniature figures are sold indivually. $2 per each figure selected.


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