Sylvanian Families Mini Series 2017 - Kitchen and bear - Miniatures!

Sylvanian Families Japanese edition

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Sylvanian Families Mini Series "Big House with Light" 2017 [4. Kitchen and Bear girl]

Please note: This item is #4 Kitchen and Girl Bear miniature set only

Items in this set measure approximately 1 to 2 cm in height and are ideally sized to be used as toys for the Sylvanian Families or as a highly collectible item in it's own right.

Every year Sylvanian Families in Japan release a limited edition Miniature series (kabaya set) which are a miniature form of full size Sylvanian Families sets. The 2017 sets are a miniature depiction of Beechwood Hall and each capsule contains one room of the house, ie the kitchen, nursery, girl's bedroom or living room. The different rooms can be placed together to make up the entire house, if you purchase all 4 capsule sets. Each set includes tiny furniture for the room and a miniature Sylvanian figure. These are not flocked, but are plastic figures, approximately 1 to 2 cm high.

All rooms  in this same 2017 series that can be purchased separately are:

1. Nursery room and Walnut Squirrel baby
2. Living Room and Chocolate Rabbit Baby
3. Child's Bedroom and Walnut Squirrel girl
4. Kitchen and Bear girl

Sets 1 to 4 are sold as an individual capsule set and can be viewed here:

Sylvanian Families Individual Capsule sets

All rooms available are illustrated below and can be purchased separately as an individual room or together to make up the complete set

Sylvanian Families Complete capsule sets of Big Red  House miniature sets 2017

Not suitable for children under 3 due to small pieces

This is a genuine Sylvanian Families product and comes in Sylvanian Families Epoch Japanese packaging.