Sylvanian Families Misty Forest Lolly house - RARE - Japanese vintage

Sylvanian Families Misty Forest Lolly house - RARE - Japanese vintage

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families Misty Forest Lolly house - a RARE and PREOWNED - Japanese vintage.

A Pre-owned item. Please read full description as follows

Doesn't this remind you of a Sylvanian Fairy tale? A delectable cottage covered in Candy canes, lollies and even a slab of chocolate for a front door. There are 2 levels in this house and it can be used open, or can be completely closed up.

Please note that the Misty Forest Series was a series made specifically for miniature Sylvanian Families Fairies (of which there are 2 included) and to suit baby-sized  Sylvanians. The house is much smaller than an average Sylvanian cottage, and is not really suitable for adult sized Sylvanian figures, neither would the usual Sylvanian Families furniture fit very well into this cottage. 

It's not often you will find one of these Misty Forest cottages up for sale. This is a vintage Japanese items that was only released in Japan several years ago. 

The Misty Forest Fairies and Furniture came out in various Carry case sets over the years in Limited edition. I have added in a random selection of these Misty Forest furniture pieces, as they were at hand. particular set.


*Rare vintage Japanese Sylvanian Families Misty Forest Series Lolly House

*2 Misty Forest miniature fairy figures in excellent condition

*4 items of Misty Forest series furniture from various sets.

No orginal box packaging included.

Any other Sylvanian figures in photographs are only used for illustrative size purposes and are not included in the sale.

The Cottage is in excellent preloved condition. One point to note is small marks on theCandy cane poles of the house, which appear as some little scratches in the red paint. A close up look at photographs will display these. Also there is a small pen mark on the green porch of the house. These tiny defects are not particularly noticeable, but are mentioned for accuracy.

If you have any questions about this lovely item, please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us button below, as we're always happy to help. 

Other items scene in the photographs are for illustrative purposes only and  only to create a backdrop.

No box.

Rare - Hard to find - Vintage Japanese genuine Sylvanian Families item

Suitable for age 3+