Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Family - Preowned - RARE

Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Family - Preowned - RARE

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Moss Reindeer Family of 4 - pre-owned - 2004 UK Release Flair -  RARE - Comes with original box, however box shows signs of age and wear.

Finding the Moss Reindeer Family is often a collectors dream. They're an absolutely beautiful little family, definitely one of my favourite.  See the Father's antlers!!!  There's no Dad quite like him in Sylvania!

The Reindeer Family were first released in 1997 by Sylvanian Families Tomy. There was a later release in 2004. This family would be from the second UK release of 2004, as it comes in its original Flair packaging box.

This family is pre-owned, but I would say in lovely, clean condition. As with many pre-owned figures there are often some little points to note. These are listed below.

Flocking - Very slight wear on tips of ears or feet:  Most of the figures have tiny flocking wear marks on the tips of ears. Not particularly noticeable, but mentioned for accuracy. Also on the tips of feet, as consistent with being pre-owned, but again nothing much of note.  See images which show these figures in close up. 

Clothing: All figures come in their original release clothing. All items of clothing are in good condition, only with the exception of brother figures overall elastic straps which are stretched loose. See images which show this. 

Brother figure also has a tiny pin-prick spot mark on his rear side. Not very noticeable, but again mentioned for accuracy. 

If you are a collector who loves figures in absolutely perfect condition, then this item is not for you - it would be recommended to buy brand new instead. However, this is a highly collectible family, still in lovely condition, with a couple of very small signs of being pre-owned and these will make a fabulous addition to a collection. 

This sale is for 1 x boxed Reindeer Family of 4 figures.

Condition: Very good pre-owned condition

Very collectible. Very Hard to find

Comes in original box, but please note that the box is a little battered and has some dog ears and tears on the outer carton and also on the green cardboard box insert. 

Recommended for Age 3+


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