Sylvanian Families Ornate Armchairs and Table

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Sylvanian Families Ornate Armchairs and Table - SF - 4231

It's not very usual to see this very collectible set, which comes still brand new in the box. It has been owned by a collector, however it has been packaged away in the closet and never opened, so I have classified it as still "brand new in the box"

Contents of set:

1 x Table

2 x Armchairs

This ornate green armchair set is very elegant with wingback style chairs and plush, soft cream colour seat padding. Luxurious indeed!  and in the style of the original Tomy Green furniture, however, it is to be noted that this is not the early Tomy release, but a later release of the set by Epoch, possibly around 2001.

Ref: 4231

UK Epoch - circa 2001.

Condition: Collector owned, but never opened. Still brand new sealed in box

Collectible - Hard to find.

Box: It is to be noted that the box has a sticker removal mark on it, where a store price tag had been once removed. leaving a mark on the box. See images which illustrate this.

Age 3+

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