Sylvanian Families tomy ornate dressing table and stool

Sylvanian Families Ornate Dressing Table - TOMY - 1980's

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Ornate Dressing Table - TOMY - Ref SF 4221 - This set is now very hard to find, especially brand new. - Dark Green

This is a brand new early years Sylvanian Families vintage item. In the 1980's when Sylvanian Families first began most of the furniture sets were dark green. This Ornate Dressing Table and Stool is one of the harder to find vintage green sets and comes brand new in it's original state. 

I love how the mirror is similar to a heart shape. The drawer pulls out and the little stool is covered in a soft,red, velvet-like fabric. It looks very elegant.

A great find for collector's of early Sylvanian Families.

Condition: Brand New vintage item

Box: in excellent condition considering it's age. The cellotape on box is yellowed and peeling a little and a slight dent in the box, otherwise it is in great condition.

Colour: Dark Green

Tomy Ref SF 4221 - 1980's release

Suitable for age 3+