Sylvanian Families Boris Papa Garden set Europe

Sylvanian Families Papa Boris Garden Set - Brand new

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Papa Boris Garden Set - Ref 2103 - European

Papa Boris Milk Rabbit (or Buttermilk Rabbit as he is sometimes referred to in other countries) comes with his garden set, a wheelbarrow, pots and flower and garden tools.

This is a hard to find European set. In Europe, at the time of this set's release, the Milk Rabbit Family wasn't released as a full family, but only as individual figures with a themed set, such as this one. 

Very collectible

Brand new sealed in box. Box is in perfect condition

European Sylvanian Families packaging. Ref 2103

Released for the European market around 2004

Age 4+ recommended.

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