Sylvanian Families Mi19 Japanese garden party

Sylvanian Families Party on the Terrace - Japanese version with costumes - RARE

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Party on the Terrace - Mi-19 - Japanese version with costumes.

This beautiful little vintage party set is brand new in the box. This is quite a rare version of the Japanese release of the Green Garden Party set. This particular set comes with 2 dress up costumes, one pink and one red and lots and lots of little party accessories as well as the garden party furniture. 

This set was released to complement the green coloured Sylvanian Kitchen Restarant (which is seen in the background of the box photo images)

See the image of the box side which shows all items included in this lovely set. 

Age 4+ due to multiple tiny pieces. 

Condition: This item has been opened to check and photograph. The set is in brand new state, meaning it is in it's original packaging, items inside are still sealed in their packaging.  One press out paper has dislodged a little from being bent (see image) All other items are perfect in original sealed packaging. The box does show signs of age and storage wear, with a couple of dents and dog-eared flaps on the outer carton.

A gorgeous little set. 

This set was released around 2000 and comes in Japanese Epoch Sylvanian Families packaging.