Sylvanian Families Tomy Patio Barbeque set

Sylvanian Families Patio Furniture & Barbecue - Pre-owned

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Patio Furniture and Barbecue - Ref 3312 - Tomy

This is a pre-owned set - and is not complete


Released around 1991, this Patio Barbecue set  was designed at the time to grace the fabulous Sylvanian Families Deluxe Country Manor, which came out at the same time. 

This set is not complete: The Umbrella that should be placed on the table is missing from this set. There is only 1 pair of tongs. Other barbecue tools are not present. Also the white furniture does have some faint yellowish aging. This is fairly common with white vintage Sylvanian items from 30 years ago.  

This sale includes:

1 x Table and 4 chairs. 

1 x Barbecue with lid and tongs

1 x stand (as this is a different colour to the table and chairs, it may be the same stand but from a different set, as the colour differs from the original)

Condition: Brand new in original box, unused. Slight aging of the white plastic. The box is in very good condition for 30 years old. May be slight aging on the outer box.

One handle of the green barbecue trolley has been repaired. There is a very faint glue residue mark where the handle has been refixed.