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Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Twins Babies- BRAND NEW release! - SF 5219

The twin babies are as cute as a button (A very fluffy button, that is!) These are back by popular time for a limited time. We also stock their whole family in store, The Teak Persian cat family (which are a brand new release of the family, wearing more upmarket clothing for the Town Series)

Anyhow, here are the Persian twins and you will fall in love with them!

A bit of information about these adorable two:

Nil can be a bit of a fussy eater, Ned is a grumpy little baby with a talent for making a mess. If little Nil gets given something she doesnt like to eat she wont take a single bite, but if its one of her favourites, shell make sure she gets second helpings. Ned can be a little bit grumpy and he often makes his mother sad by getting her dresses dirty with his mucky paws.

Ages: 3+


We have an amazing collection of Sylvanian Families Babies, Twins and Triplets in store, many of them no longer available in most store. We specialise in bringing you Sylvanians that you don't see elsewhere.

Ages: 3+


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