Sylvanian Families Pig Triplets

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Sylvanian Families Pig Triplets - SF 4154

This set includes the three baby piglets, Little, Minor and Tiny Grunt. Babies Little, Minor and Tiny Grunt are always hungry and ready to eat their parents out of house and home. As Richard E, their Father remarks to his wife Constance "At least they will eat anything and aren't picky with their food"!

Clothed in colour coordinated denim outfits. A very cute addition to any Sylvanian Families Collection

Discontinued item

Please note. These brand new Sylvanian Families Pig triplets may bear a slight price sticker residue mark on the box where the old original price sticker has been removed.

Suitable for age 3+

Pig Family parents and brothers and sisters can be purchased separately. This set consists of three piglets.

This comes in Sylvanian Families Flair UK packaging.

SF 4154