Sylvanian Families Pink Pram Baby Carriage

Sylvanian Families Pink Pram Baby Carriage

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Baby Carriage.

This pink pram really looks the part in Sylvania. Room enough to fit two twin babies for a thoroughly pleasant ride through the park. It's good to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air!

Inside there is beautifully made white lace-edged pram inserts. Just like the olden day perambulators, the hood of the pram folds up or down to provide shade for the baby when needed. The wheels go round and round, which is very soothing for any baby, whether you are a kangaroo or a mouse.

Some small baby accessories are also included in this set. Figures are not included, but are for illustrative purposes only.


1 baby carriage pram

Inserts for the pram

1 x baby rattle

1 x baby toy

No figures included.

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This product is from the Japanese Sylvanian Families range and comes in Epoch Japanese packaging.

Suitable for age 3+