Sylvanian Famlies pink bike for Sylvanian sister

Sylvanian Families Pink Trike with Tennis accessories - Limited edition

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Pink Trike for Sylvanian children with Tennis accessories 

The pink children's bicycle has trainer wheels and yes, wheels on these bikes do rotate.

The Sylvanian child's bike with Tennis accessories comes in pink, blue or yellow. The pink and blue are hard to find. The yellow set (which we also stock in store) is more readily available and is sold in store packaging, however the blue and pink bicycles are a limited release Japanese Sylvanian Fan Club item, are hard to find and come in their own plastic packaging (see images) rather than the usual Sylvanian store packaging.

Where are the Sylvanian kids off to today? With this cute pink bike on trainer wheels the possibilities for fun in Sylvania are endless!  

This set comes with a tennis racquet and tennis ball - so maybe head for the Tennis Courts if the sun is shining today!

No figures are included in this set. You will receive

1 x pink tricycle

1 x tennis racket

1 x fuzzy yellow tennis ball

Suitable for age 3+

No figures included.

This bicycle is suitable size for a brother or sister Sylvanian Families figures

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This Tricycle set is also available in Yellow or Blue

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Sylvanian Families yellow trike bike

Sylvanian Families Blue Children's bicycle

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