Sylvanian Families Pocket Bag Watermill Bakery scene- RARE! Brand new!

Sylvanian Families Pocket Bag Watermill Bakery scene- RARE! Brand new!

Sylvanian Families Brand New - RARE

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Sylvanian Families RARE Pocket Collection - PBS-02 - A miniature Sylvanian collector's set! Also known as Sylvanian Families pocket bags.

This brand new rare Pocket Collection set comes in a carry case. It was a limited edition release.

This set contains the Watermill Bakery and scenery accessories. It was released at the same time as the Sylvanian Families Cottage and Fruit Stall Pocket Bag (PBS-01), which is also seen in our Kabaya collection in store.

Please note that these figures are tiny. They are miniatures of your usual size Sylvanian figure. The figures included are about 1cm high and the Bakery building is approximately 3cm high. See image that shows measurement of figures and accessories beside a ruler. They are smaller than most kabaya sets mini figures. 

This is a highly collectible item and seldom found in Australia especially a brand new set as this is.  It would make a unique addition to any Sylvanian collection.

This Pocket Bag set is brand new and sealed. It consists of:

A Pocket carry case which opens and can be turned over to become two platforms for play.

Miniature figures x 2

Several miniature furniture items for the cottage

A miniature Soft serve icecream stand

2 x cardboard stand up trees


see the image of all items included, which is shown on the back of the box.

Condition: Brand New

Box: Excellent condition. A slight crease in the box on the top right corner, otherwise immaculate.

Epoch Japan circa 2007

Not suitable for children under 4 due to multiple tiny pieces

Rare Collector's item - Very hard to find brand new.

2007 release exclusively to Japan.

This is an Epoch Japanese product and comes in Sylvanian Families Japanese packaging. Instructions are also in Japanese.



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