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Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Family of 3 figures. - SF 5396
A 3-figure set containing the Elephant father, mother and polar bear baby.
The Snowfluff Polar Bear Family have landed in our berg! Here you can learn all about them....

Seamus Snowfluff enjoys fishing. He always researches the best bait to use, depending on which type of fish he will be catching for each season. Seamus likes to be prepared!

Maya Snowfluff is a slow runner on land, but boy can she swim quickly in water! Maya works at Sea Breeze Cape as a diving instructor, and is especially busy in the school holidays teaching all the young Sylvanians who want to explore the magical ocean.

Yana Snowfluff hates the cold, which is unusual for a polar bear! She is a bit of a daddy's girl, and loves to accompany her father, Seamus, when he goes on his fishing adventures.

Epoch UK edition with flat hands. 

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Ages: 3+

Epoch Sylvanian Families branded

Ages: 3+

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