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Sylvanian Families Pookie Panda Family

Sylvanian Families Limited Edition

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Sylvanian Families Pookie Panda Family  - New Arrival in 2021
Meet the latest family in Sylvania....
Father Walter Pookie is a doting dad and a family man through and through. Being a stay-at-home dad, Walter does everything for his children, and is always rushing around after his wife, Deborah, making sure that she has everything she needs too. Walter also loves to bake, and his biscuits are legendary throughout Sylvania.

Mother Deborah Pookie
 is always busy. Whether it’s her work, hobbies or family that are keeping her occupied she is constantly on the go. Deborah can turn her paw to almost any task, and loves to learn new skills. The only time you will ever see her stop and put her feet up is at the end of the day as she relaxes with a freshly brewed pot of bamboo tea.

Baby sister Angela Pookie loves music and will dance to absolutely anything. She has just started taking her first music lessons and loves band practice and music class at nursery school. Angela’s favourite instrument is the trumpet.

Baby brother Tyler Pookie like his sister, is a huge fan of music and can always been seen tapping his toes and twitching his ears in time to his favourite tunes. Even though he’s only small, Tyler has started taking ballet lessons at the theatre in the village and can’t wait to be in his first show.
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Age 3+
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