Sylvanian Families Postman Pete

Sylvanian Families Postman Pete, Postbox and Satchel - Preowned

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families Postman Pete, Postbox and Satchel - Preowned 

The gorgeous Postman Petite Bear and his bright red postbox. Postman Pete has his satchel with him too. There are only these items included. Unfortunately the parcel and letters and bicycle in the original set are not with this. But still a lovely set. One of my favourites and an absolute must for photographing a Sylvanian Christmas scene!

We do sell miniature parcels and letters in our Miniatures Collection though which you can add to this set - see here. 

The back door of the little postbox opens. 

Note that some figures moveable joints may be a little stiff in moving them, due to age. Also pre-owned clothing may have a few threads lose or slight fray. 

Items seen in the background are not included, but are only for photo styling purposes.

The trees in the background of pictures are handcrafted her at Sylvanian Specialty Store and are available in our Garden and Outdoor Accessories Collection

Condition: Pre-owned condition. No box.

Age 3+

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