Sylvanian Families Pretty Pink Bedroom set Flair 4461

Sylvanian Families Pretty Pink Bedroom - Flair

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Pretty Pink Bedroom set - 

A beautiful new bedroom that all your Sylvanian sister characters will love This Pretty Pink Bedroom includes a bed with matress, pillow covers desk chair, clothes stand, piano and other accessories Includes Bed, Dresser, Piano, Chair, Piano, Stool, Hamper basket, Clothes, Stand, Bedding, plus many more features.

Note that this earlier Flair edition of the Pretty Pink Bedroom set contains the white wicker hamper basket that later sets do not contain.

This is a retired set from the Sylvanian Families Flair era  - 2007. The current pink bedroom set contains different accessories from this set. 

Suitable from 4 years

Condition: Brand new

Box: excellent

Flair UK- retired set