Sylvanian Families Rowboat set - rare - JP

Sylvanian Families Rowboat set - rare - JP

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families Rowboat set - rare - P-03

Brand new set - the box has some age-wear, but the set is in perfect new condition.

This very romantic, dreamy little rowboat set is quite delightful. Can you just imagine the bride and groom rowing away at a Sylvanian wedding? That pink edged parasol is the stuff of dreams!! Or maybe this set is perfect for a day at the lake. There's even a fishing set included, or some magazines to while away the afternoon. You'll just love the little vintage look camera that comes with this hard to find set.

Rare Japanese vintage Sylvanian Families Rowboat set. Note that this rowboat is different from other releases, in that it is white, with a brown trim. Also there is no figure included in this set.


1 x rowboat, 2 oars

1 x umbrella

white picnic basket

Fishing rod and bucket with fish.

1 x camera

2 magazines

2 treats.

This is a brand new item, however the outer packaging of the box does show quite a bit of age and shelf wear.

The box has been opened and the contents inspected (as we do with most of our vintage brand new items) There is slight age spotting on the cardboard insert around the item, but the Rowboat set itself is in immaculate new condition.

This items comes in Sylvanian Families Japanese packaging

Suitable for age 3+