Sylvanian Families rare School Infirmary set Epoch S-48 Japan

Sylvanian Families School Infirmary Hospital Set - JP

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Sylvanian Families School Infirmary Hospital Set - JP

Every now and then a Sylvanian school pupil might be feeling a little queasy in the tummy! Maybe it's first day nerves, or the thought of facing a difficult exam. The Sylvanian School Sick Bay (or Infirmary) is the place to go to rest and find some TLC.

Besides furniture for the School hospital, this set comes with many little First Aid accessories, such as tweezers, medicine bottles and a thermometer. Please note that a Medical White coat uniform is included, but this set does not include a figure. You can choose yourself who you will dress up to become the School Nurse.

Another cute set from the past. This set was released several years ago by Sylvanian Families in Japan as part of the Sylvanian School Series and released in the same era as the Sylvanian Families Berrygrove School.  

Set contents:
This set consists of a doctor/nurse chair and desk, height measurement scale, weight measurement scale, bed with covers, cotton case, tweezers, 2 bottles of medicine, thermometer, tongue depressor, 2 questionnaire forms, and eye chart.

Vintage Retired original Japanese Sylvanian Families set. Collectible.

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Brand new unopened item.

Figures shown on box are not included.

Suitable for age 4+ due to very small accessories.

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