Sylvanian Families school lunch set JP S-25

Sylvanian Families School Lunch Set (2005) JP

Sylvanian Families Vintage Preowned

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Sylvanian Families - School Lunch Set - S-25 - PRE-OWNED - 95% complete

This school lunch set was released exclusively in Japan by Sylvanian Families around 2003, and was released to complement the St John's School.  No figures come in this set, but lots of lovely school canteen items do.

This set is not complete (there are a few tiny items absent, which are mentioned in detail below)

This fun little set would be a great addition to any school. There certainly is a lot in it. 

Trays, plates, salad bowls, milk bottles, cups, forks, basket to hold dished, food serving dishes with lids, a food serving bucket and ladle.  Bread, salad, pizza slices, and other food containers. 2 green table cloths.

There is also a little Uniform with shirt and cap or the canteen cook or serving staff member to wear. See the image from the side of the box which shows items.

This is a pre-owned set, which is in excellent condition, however I must mention a few little accessories that are absent

Missing: 1 x tongs, 1 x fork, 1 x cup, 1 x plate, 1 x salad bowl, 1 x saucer. 

However there are two additional saucers added in, which were not in the original set. 

No figures are included, but figures can be purchased separately in our store.  

This is a pre-owned set


Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition. Comes in it's original box, which is in excellent condition. The small items inside the box have been placed in ziplock bags to keep them together. 

Age 3+

This set is from the Japanese Sylvanian Families Epoch range and comes in Japanese Sylvanian Families packaging.

Vintage and hard to find