Sylvanian Families School Lunch Set with Petite Bear

Sylvanian Families School Lunch Set with Petite Bear

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families School Lunch Set - 5108 with figure

School time in Sylvania and the Sylvanian children are always hungry! That's why they can't wait to get to the school cafeteria and find out what Andromeda has to serve up today!

This is a beautiful little set with so much scope! You can add another dimension to your Sylvanian school with this cafeteria set. (not recommended for small children though as there are over 50 pieces!!!) The stew can be dished up out of the pot in the ladle and placed in the little white dishes!  

Andromeda the Bear Girl has been hard at work in her frilly apron serving some yummy lunch for the Sylvanian school children! The School Lunch Set comes complete with a pot of stew, 6 scrumptious looking omelettes, 6 pieces of freshly-baked bread and 6 milk bottles to keep their bones nice and strong. 2 sturdy tables and assorted crockery and cutlery is included. This set includes Andromeda the Bear Girl.

Andromeda belongs to the Petite Bear Family, who are also known as the Cuddle Bear family in the Calico Critters (USA) range.

1 x Bear Girl

1 x apron

6 pieces of bread

6 omelettes 

6 milk bottles 

6 bowls of stew

1 stew pot 

6 trays

2 tables

6 plates

Assorted cutlery

Please note that 1 figure is included in this set. Other figures seen in images are for illustrative purposes.

Suitable for age 4+ due to multiple small pieces

Epoch SF 5108

Sylvanian Families School and Library