Sylvanian Families Henry Bearbury Teacher Music set

Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson with Henry Bearbury

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Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson & Teacher, Henry Bearbury - SF 4415

Henry Bearbury is the music teacher at Berry Grove School. The school orchestra is very well equipped with a grand piano, glockenspiel, accordion, recorder, drums, cymbals, triangle and a conductor’s baton. Mr Bearbury leads the school orchestra from his seat at the piano. The orchestra performs at all school concerts, school plays and other special events.

The school music lesson includes nine instruments and a conductors podium with baton & music. It Allows up to ten Sylvanian figures to partake in a school music lesson, or after school band practice. The instruments included are Grand Piano, Xylophone, bass drum, snare drum, recorder, triangle, cymbals, accordian and melodica.

Ages 4+ years.

Contains small parts.

Set includes Henry Bearbury teacher figure - pupil figures not included.

UK Flair - This set was first released in Australia in 2011, but is now very hard to find brand new.

Brand new - Now hard to find set

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