Sylvanian Families School Toilets Set - SF 4353

Sylvanian Families School Toilets Set

Vintage Sylvanian Families Brand New

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Sylvanian Families School Toilets Set - SF 4353 - Brand new - Hard to Find

Please note: Figures are not included. Images showing figures on the box carton are for illustrative purposes only.

Only a Sylvanian Families  Kindergarten would have a toilet that is part of a tree trunk, but when you are Woodland folk, then what else would you expect. This lovely set would make the perfect addition to any Sylvanian Kindegarten or School and has been discontinued from production for several years now. 

This quaint set includes toilets for boys and girls at your Sylvanian school, and even a matching sink unit.

Figures not included.

Flair UK Release.

Condition: Brand new

Box: Very good. Some very slight age and storage wear on box flaps.

Suitable for age 3+